Thursday, April 19, 2012

Confession #38 - More Than A Pretty Face

Okay, the title of this may be pretty vague.

There are some really, really ridiculously good-looking celebrity men who are also extremely talented.
I have had the most shallow dip into the acting world,
(we're talking a villager in Fiddler in my high school years)
and honestly for how deep some of them go into character, or for how far they take things, or take on their roles... some of them are crazy.

Cary Elwes
Who doesn't love "The Princess Bride" 

...not to name names or anything.
But we all still love them! Crazy, genius - that fine line between crazy and normal - they are awesome.

So here are some of my favorites, and some of the favorites of my friends as well. 
(You know who you are!)

Brad Pitt
Playing everything from a softie, to an imaginary man, Brad Pitt's got some talent.

Chris Pine
Putting on a performance so incredible, it did more than put William Shatner to shame, it proclaimed that Shatner should crawl in a hole and renounce his title as James Kirk.

Christian Bale
All kinds of crazy. Were you alive when they made Batman Begins? Need I say more?
Christian Bale may be nuts sometimes, but he's a genius kind of nuts. Other actors bow down to his commitment and character rounding.

Denzel Washington
I have always loved Denzel - another genius. I really loved "The Bone Collector" - I saw it when I was a teenager, and I think I shared it with so many people I could be a spokesperson. 
I know it's rated "R" - I was rebellious. 
What can I say. 
I also loved John Q, but that is a movie I hear you either love, or hate. 

George Eads
This man is probably the only reason I watched CSI after William Petersen left.
He could really reel you in, and make you cry with him.

Gerard Butler
One of my favorites!
Gerard has great talent, plus nothing he says could ever sound bad. 
If I ever find out I'm dying of cancer, I want Gerard Butler to call and tell me, because I would respond with:
"Oh, okay then! :D"
So many characters - he seems to put mental and physical genius into them.
Go watch him in something. Seriously. 

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman brought Wolverine to life like none other - I can't imagine anyone else doing it better.
I'll confess here, I actually went to see one of the X-Men movies when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with my son, totally at a loss of what to name him, and suddenly it dawned on me - Wolverine is super bad-A! And his name is Logan. 
SOLD. Thank you, Hugh Jackman.
(Now, I have met so many children named Logan, I know that it was brought into popularity because of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the X-Men movies... especially talking to the moms of the other Logans.) 

Jesse Spencer
 Love his wit and delivery on House - makes it worth watching!

Johnny Depp
 Always amazing.
I think Johnny Depp is allergic to being terrible.
Thank you for bringing Pirates of the Carribean to a place that rocked our socks off and made us laugh so hard at the same time. Nobody else could have been Jack Sparrow!

Leonardo DiCaprio
 Okay if you're my age, you know you crawled to the theater 4 or more times to see Leo in "Titanic" when it first came out.
Have you seen "Inception" yet?
He's definitely getting better with age!

Matthew McConaughey
Surfer bum dedicated to his body, who seems to crawl off the beach periodically to bring us lovely rom-coms like "How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days" and "The Wedding Planner" - cheesy or not, I always love his movies. 

Milo Ventimiglia
Milo MADE "Heroes" - he was one of my favorites! 
I think one of the biggest mistakes that show ever made was making him lose his powers - he had the power that was the most coveted! He was the most awesome.

Paul Walker
 I feel like Paul is someone I watched in movies when I was a teenager - but he's not really around in much now. I could just be a media snob, but I really don't follow gossip... or watch much tv anymore, or movies for that matter. 
Which I suppose, makes this post a little bit hypocritical of me.
Oh well!
Who doesn't love Paul Walker?

Peter Dinklage
 TALENT. Okay what has he not been in that's awesome?!
Chronicles of Narnia... Elf... are these ringing a bell?
Another favorite.

Robert Pattinson
 Ok, so as a real-life man he might be a little grungy.
But you know I had to put him on the list.

Robert Downey Jr
 Iron man. Sherlock Holmes. 'Nuff said!
Favorite. Hilarious. Awesome. Bad-A.

Ryan Gosling
 Eeee Ryan Gosling. I felt like such a fan girl when I saw he was in The Notebook.
Wow he's 5 years older than me?
Hm. Well anyways I remember coming home from school when I was a teen, and watching "Breaker High" - did any of you watch Breaker High?! - and I was always rooting for his character on that show!
Then I saw "The Notebook" being advertised, and I had a moment where I thought, "Awww he's all grow'd up!"
Love Ryan Gosling. He manages to be a tough softie.

Ryan Reynolds
 LOVE Ryan Reynolds... everything he's in, he's just hilarious. I don't know why but his sense or how he delivers his humor is exactly my kind of humor. I can never watch him trying to be funny and not laugh until I cry.
If you haven't seen something with him in it, you should.

Shemar Moore
Loved Criminal Minds - although a little dark for me sometimes.... but the show was made greater with Shemar Moore on it! Love his acting.

Shia LaBeouf
 Another "Aw, he's all grow'd up!" moment - watching "Even Stevens" and then "Transformers" - ahh! Shia what just happened?
I love Shia's humor too - just my kind. His delivery is always perfect.
Laugh 'til I cry.

Simon Baker
 This is actually not one of my contributions - I am familiar with him, but not much about his acting.
I have to say, he looks like a Disney Prince. But kinder.

Taylor Lautner
 Another "Aw, he's all grow'd up!" moment - accidentally (no offense, Taylor) watching "Shark Boy & Lava Girl" and then seeing Twilight come out. I remember watching Shark and thinking "What?? Who is this kid? He's got talent!" 
Well he definitely put his kung-fu abs to work!

Terrence Howard
 Iron Man, Crash, August Rush, Four Brothers, the list is endless. Everything Terrence does is moving, or amazing. 

Will Smith
 Who else squealed like a little girl when they found out there is another MiB movie coming out??? I did!
I grew up with this Fresh Prince - and he's hilarious, and I love his work.

Zac Efron
 Singing, dancing, acting - he has everything. What is the phrase? 

Zachary Quinto
Sylar was another favorite of mine on "Heroes" - and seriously.. really did well for Spock's reputation.

... who are YOUR favorite actors? 
Do you have someone you think is incredibly talented?
I know I've missed a few.

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