Friday, March 8, 2013

Confession # 39 - Crazy Little Girl Hair

Okay, I might offend some people on this soap box.

I would like to say: I warned you. 
Followed by: get a grip. It's only my opinion.

Okay! HAIR! Glorious hair!
I'm going to talk about crazy little girl hair.

First, here is some 'appropriately-crazy' little girl hair:

I love that it has just a tiny bit of crimp in it to give it texture.
And how about some fun princess party hair! Check this out:

Even this is a cute way to do your toddler's hair on Halloween... 
but personally, I think it's pushing it.

Why? You may ask.
Because I have a little girl, and please don't get me started on my mile-high soap box about how we need to focus on teaching our girls that they are beautiful with their hair just the way it is, not that it is only pretty when it's straightened, crimped, curled, pinned, and tortured.
We're putting that on the back burner.

But my question is: who is the hair for?

First I should show you:
This, my daughter's hair here, is for me.
Why? Because I wanted to see what it looked like curled! 
It was the first time ever.
It was for me.

This is how my daughter chooses to have her hair most days:
Actually, nowadays it's in two pigtail braids most days.
About 45-70% of the time, she just doesn't care what's going on with her hair.
And she's pretty opinionated, so that's saying something.

This, is a wig I bought so that she could "be Thumbelina" - this hair was for her.

This, the hair here, was for me. 
I straightened her hair because I wanted to see how long it was getting, and how her ends were doing.
Adorable = her natural baby layers.

Ok so - original question:
WHO is the hair for? 
If your daughter demands crazy hair, then read no further.

But I wonder if some moms just use their kid's hair as boredom media.

When I was a kid, you could get beat up for hair like this.

What? Seriously??

"I can't get your hair to do what I want, so we're just going to stick a balloon in it. Trust me, it'll be AWESOME!"

No words.

What a nice scalp you have.

I don't even know what's going on here.
What is the point of that ribbon?
Why does this kid need to know what a corset is?

Power to the mom who spent all the time doing this.
I've seen hair demos on some websites where the kids get so bored and the mom just keeps whipping their head back in the right direction, "straight!!!! STRAIGHT!! Look straight. Just look straight. Sit still." 

Just throw their hair in a ponytail and let them go play in the mud like a kid, lady!

Hair for the mom:
She looks REALLY excited.

Hair for the kid:

I'd rather see a kid with unkempt hair, who's playing, than a super primped one who I'm pretty sure is being micro-managed by their mother.

Even if it makes them look like a tiny 40-year-old smoker.

There isn't enough time for me to cover all the hair accessories I loathe.
But here are some winners:

A baby wig! 
Yes, you heard me!
Hate how your baby looks? Loathe it's tiny bald brand-new hairless skull with all your might?
Look no further! Have WE got a solution for YOU!

These are an actual product, sold at an actual store.

Or ridiculous holiday headgear. What?!
"Put this on honey, it's Christmas!"

"But I don't wanna get beat up!"

"This will look really, really good in our wedding pictures." 

Well whatever.
I'm one to talk - my son's hair most days looks like Robert Pattinson's.
On a day he hasn't showered in 8 days.

Dudes are different.
Why can't girls get away with the same?

Maybe let's focus on trying to help our daughters find ways to love their natural hair. 
For it's waves, for it's quirks and for the curls. 
For the straightness. 
For the thin and thick. 
For the super curly, and for the half-and-half. 
For it all. 
FOR THE LOVE OF HAIR - their own.

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