Thursday, October 6, 2011

A 'Grand' Lunchable

I was just wondering today, about how far I could make a lunchable stretch. I also have a problem where my 2-year-old constantly requests "lunchable! lunchable!" but she never actually eats the lunchable, she just picks off the cheese. (Hence why you don't really find them in our fridge anymore!)

So, I pulled a few ingredients out of my fridge and experimented.
It turned out great!

You'll need:

1. Refrigerator can biscuits
2. A lunchable
3. Chocolate sauce/whipped cream (optional)

Preheat your oven to 350°F.

I used Pillsbury 'Grands!' for my biscuits.
Place your biscuits out on a baking sheet.
I lined mine with parchment paper, just in case.
(Because nothing sticks to parchment paper!)

Open up your lunchable.

Assemble all the lunchables into sandwiches.
(You could even double up on these if you want them to be 'meatier', but I just used one this time around because everything in the lunchable - assembled - made 8 things to wrap in 8 biscuits)

Carefully separate the biscuit in half, and tuck in a lunchable.
(Or two, if you are going for "heartier")

Press closed around the edges with a fork.

Repeat with the rest, including the oreos!


Place in your oven for 12 minutes. 

They will come out golden brown:

Stuffed biscuit lunchables.
WAY filling! My daughter ate one for lunch, and I had two and we were done.

Here is how the oreo one turned out:

I drizzled a little chocolate sauce on a plate,
(I used Hershey's)

And garnished with a little whipped cream,
(I used cool whip instead of the real thing...)

And a super easy dessert was born!

If you think about it, this could serve 4 people (or more, depending on how old they are) - all from one lunchable, and a can of biscuits.


Confession #36 - Canadian Food

Do you know what those beauties are?
Something you are missing out on, is my guess.
These are some of my FAVORITE food items that I miss.

Confession: I miss my Canadian food.

(Or so I've been told it is Canadian ☺)

First up:


Last Christmas, my mother asked me what I would like for Christmas. 
She laughed a little when I told her, "Ketchup chips!"

Maybe I have not been public about my love of ketchup chips enough!
This is what it's like:

My sentiments exactly.

Christmas morning, I opened the package from my mom.
Inside? Two bags of Old Dutch ketchup chips.

My moment looked like this:

(Thank you Mom!!! ♥)

Another thing I miss?
Tim Horton's.

Running an errand with my dad, on a chilly winter day, usually came with a nice hot cup of Timmy's hot chocolate.

And OH how I loved to look at all their flavors on display.

Which one to choose....

And the feeling of bundling up a package of them, and bringing them home.

And of course, Timbits.... 


Lastly, and some of you may think this is disgusting, but...


I just remember going to the mall stopping at NY Fries for some great poutine. 

For those of you who do not know, essentially poutine is fries, topped with cheese and gravy.

I am now, depressingly, hungry.

Maybe I have some toast around here somewhere......