Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Well, Hey There!

WELL if you ever doubted before, it's more clear than ever - I am not an excellent blogger.

If you were wondering where I've been, it's best summed up with pictures.
(Of course.)

I've been pretty much doing this:

(You know, facebooking and checking emails.)

SLOB status.
We're talking some of this:

And a bag 'o these laying around.

As well as SWTOR:

(That'd be Star Wars The Old Republic)
Well hey, you know... I got to 50 and then I needed gear...
I've also been a little sick, which means I've been avoiding exercise...

And sitting around....
I haven't been visiting friends, crafting, sewing, and I've barely made any cakes.
I haven't done much of anything.
And you know what?
That's ok.

It feels great to do nothing for a while.
("Nothing" being a relative term.)

But anyway, it's almost winter, so that means I need to get back to those indoor activities.
Like blogging.
And reading.
And other educational things. 

Maybe I'll even get back to that place where I'm so bored and healthy that I've kept my house in perfect cleanliness for long enough and I'll start doing pointless chores to entertain myself.

You know, the really useless ones that were just made up to keep us busy.
Or kill time.
Or avoid luncheons.
Or whatever.

Like dusting!

Well whatever.
I've been slobbing around my house long enough I guess it's time to shave my legs.
And do my hair.
And put some makeup on.
And visit the public.

Or maybe we'll just keep doing awesome things in our home, in our pjs.

and please, do something awesome this winter.
You're going to be inside anyways.